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Our Annual Reports

Kremi Annual Report 2020

We are pleased to announce that our company is well positioned to withstand the challenges that lie ahead due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Caribbean Cream Limited has always been careful to put aside a large cash reserve for a company of this size and this financial year is no different. At the end of the current financial year, we had a little over $129 million in cash.

2019 – Kremi Annual Report

During this financial year, revenue grew to J$1.5 billion, an increase of 13 per cent, while net profit before tax stood at J$103 million, up by 14 per cent. 

2018 – Kremi Annual Report

On the Junior Stock Exchange, the revenue of Caribbean Cream Limited (CCL) reached an all-time high of J$1.37 billion in sales.

2017 – Kremi Annual Report

The year under review saw Caribbean Cream Limited realising a 7% increase in revenue over the previous year, totalling J$1.2 billion.

2016 – Kremi Annual Report

Caribbean Cream Limited was the top advancing stock on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market in 2015 with a 436% increase in its share price, ending the year at $4.02.

2015 – Kremi Annual Report

2014 was a historic year for Caribbean Cream in that we surpassed the J$1 billion mark in revenues and realised above 40 per cent increase in net profit.

Financial Statement

February 29, 2020

Report on the Audit of the Financial Statements. Click here to download the top 10 shareholders.



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